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What is Dragon 9 Training?

               Certified Career Development is designed to give professionals the opportunity to evaluate and plan their employment futures, as well as expand their job-related skills and knowledge. It is an ongoing process consisting of learning and improving skills in four main steps: self-knowledge, exploration, decision-making and action. With the current economic turbulence, the frantic tempo to change and the associated trauma of losing one's direction, now more than ever before, career practitioners need to rethink how they can motivate and engage their clients, as they journey along their career path. Dragon 9 Training offers a safe place to learn and take risks. Risks are needed in order to take advantage and find the opportunities; Opportunities lead us to abundance and a fulfilling life.

              Professional Leadership directs and inspires a team to follow a vision, reach a goal, or make necessary changes, that must be practiced every day while incorporating reflection and coaching. Being a leader isn't just about understanding business and being able to manage a team. To be a truly successful leader in your profession, you need to constantly be working on your skills, personal development, and your ability to work with others. In order to gain more control and oversight of your own career, there are five essentials: Possibility, Presence, People, Perspective and Perseverance. At Dragon 9, we can help you achieve all of the above.

                Tailored workshops support an organization and provides to employees professional growth, especially to employees' movement to a new position or project within the organization. This support often includes coaching, mentoring, skills development, networking and career pathing. Workshops increase employee motivation and productivity. Attention to career development helps you attract top staff and retain valued employees. Supporting career development and growth of employees will maximize their effectiveness to meet organizational and personal goals.

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About Denise

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Owner & Trainer

Denise Urbanski is an internationally recognized Trainer and Career Counsellor.  She earned her Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) at the University of Alberta and later worked on her Master's Degree in Adult Education at the University of Saskatchewan; along with post-graduate courses in Psychology. Along the way   she became certified as a “Trainer for Trainers” in: Case Management, Communication Skills, Group Facilitation, Job Finding, Performance Management, Team Building, Testing/Administration & more!

She worked as a schoolteacher for 5 years, in Northern Saskatchewan, the Northwest Territories and Yukon. Then, after starting her family and finishing her Education, she continued to have 8 successful years, in career counselling for the government. She held the position of Staff Trainer and Counselling Consultant for the Federal Government of Canada for another 13 years. After which, Denise joined the private sector as a Training Consultant and opened Dragon 9 Training! She has since provided numerous training sessions across Canada, from Prince Rupert, B.C. to Happy Valley Goose Bay in Labrador/NFDL.

Many of the testimonials from members of staff consistently giving the course(s) high rating in their post-training evaluations (done at the end of each module). The World Bank and the Association of Canadian Community Colleges selected Denise for an international assignment in Romania. Her task was to set up Employment Counselling Services at five newly created Regional Adult Training Centers. The experience was both enriching and challenging. It also made her aware of just how much she appreciated our great country with all its opportunities, diversity, and resources.

Dragon 9 workshops stimulate new ways of thinking, challenge self-defeating belief systems, and offer new and powerful choices --- all in a gentle, supportive, safe and fun atmosphere --- where the participants come up with the Ah-ha's! To sum it up, Denise says: "I am grateful, because I am teaching what I wish to learn!"

Over the past 25 years she has provided well over 750 training sessions, through our various modules, in Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia

and Newfoundland/Labrador (to name a few), with departments including:

 About Tyrese

​Administration & Marketing

​Hello my name is Tyrese Marie Thorne,​

I am currently working beside Denise with Dragon 9 for 5 months. 

As an employee, I've been inspired to fan my inner flame as a women of color and i have a deep commitment to respectfully assist individuals and organizations to reach their goals, live their dreams and become independent in their chosen career path.

 My background is in marketing and administration and current position here at the Dragon 9 establishment. 

 I believe it is important to have a kind and genuine spirit to build up a business, therefore moving communities and individuals to meaningful and lasting employment. 

I'm inspired, challenged, and above all determined to make a difference in the realm of Career Counselling & Development.       

                                                                                                                         Tyrese Marie Thorne

  • First Nations & Inuit Health Branch (Health Canada)

  • Community Resources, SK

  • Department of Immigration

  • Gabriel Dumont Institute, SK

  • Ministry of Advanced Education,   Employment and Labour, SK

  • Canadian Career Development Foundation

  • Meadow Lake Tribal Council, SK

  • Ministry of Corrections, Public Safety and Policing, SK

  • Canadian Career Development Foundation

  • Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations

  • Siksika (First Nation) Employment & Training, AB

  • Community Futures Wild Rose, AB

  • Community Futures Treaty Seven, AB

  • M. Turner & Associates, BC

  • Canadian Paraplegic Association, N/L

  • Various non-profit agencies in SK, BC, AB,  and NL

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