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This Master Training Certification designation provides the groundwork for Professional Training in Career Development. This program will provide trainers with the basic skills and knowledge needed to design, deliver and evaluate their own training sessions.  Importance is placed on developing interactive training techniques to engage and stimulate the learners.

To earn the status of "Master Training Certification", participants must have successfully completed and meet all the requirements of 9 (nine) of the following 12 (twelve) workshops offered by Dragon 9 Training.  Once certified as a Master Trainer, participants are then eligible to be upgraded to co-facilitate as a member of our team, thus expanding their professional training horizons.

*Please note: 6 (six) are mandatory*

  • Mandatory        Module I – (A.C.E.C.) Assessment Component of Employment Counselling

  • Mandatory        Module II – Individual Employment Counselling Strategies & Interventions

  • Mandatory        Module III – Group Facilitation

  •                           Module IV – Creative Job Search, S.P.I.N. (Spinning Straw into Gold)

  • Mandatory        Module V – Job Finding Club, Training for Leaders

  •                           Module VI – Life Balance – It’s Your Choice, Training for Trainers

  • Mandatory        Module VII – Prime Time – Leadership and Performance Management Training

  •                           Module VIII – Discovering Your Options, Group & Individual Needs Determination

  • Mandatory        Module IX – Communication Skills

  •                          Module X – Money and Business - How to start a Successful Business

  •                           Module XI – Circle of Courage – Tools for Ex-Offenders to overcome barriers to work

  •                           Module XII – Vision 2020 – Space Clearing – a new and exciting way to set goals

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