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Module 1

Module I is a strength based and collaborative initial interview with systematic approach. Enhances client's and

counsellor’s ability to focus. Resulting in a clear and concise client-centered action plan.

Dr. Patsula originally developed this course to meet the needs of service organizations, particularly the Federal Government, in their career counselling role.

The assessment interview is a specific process for goal setting, based on collaboration and clarification. During the process, the counsellor meets with an individual to formulate a counselling goal. Counsellors must collaboratively evaluate the strengths (resources) and challenges (limitations) in order to develop realistic counselling goals. This approach is person-centered and empowers them to take responsibility for the decision-making process while offering them active and respectful listening and professional expertise.

You will learn:

  • To help individuals play an ongoing and active role in assessing their difficulties and in finding solutions to resolve them

  • To respond effectively to reluctant and resistant client behaviour

  • To conduct an effective assessment interview by establishing a working alliance with the individual, with a good idea of where they are now and where they would like to be

  • To develop with the individual a specific plan of action, which is easy to measure, realistic, attainable, along with clear deadlines. Everyone benefits: the individual, the counsellor and the organization


You should attend if:

  • You need to prepare yourself to enter the career and employment field

  • You are seeking to develop and improve your existing career counselling knowledge and skills

  • If you are looking for a systematic approach that will give you an effective mental road map to use when assisting an individual on their journey toward career fulfillment

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