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Module 10
(Replaces Thrive in a Tribe)

Module X  shows how to earn a living by starting a business. Challenging belief systems; Passion & Perseverance;

Steps to a successful Business; Mistakes to Avoid.

Earn a living through business, passion and perseverance.  Half of small businesses start out of your home.  Learn how to delight customers.

By the end of this workshop participants will:

  • Have increased confidence when counselling clients who are thinking of self-employment.

  • Know how to avoid financial and business disasters as well as achieve incredible victories.

  • Have a better understanding of learning styles as it relates to business.

  • Understand how empathy, choices, irrational beliefs and attitudes towards learning, can affect one’s relationship towards money.

  • Have practised employment counselling and will receive constructive feedback.

  • Learn about P.A.M. (Product, Administration, and Marketing).

  • Learn ways to build community capacity and increase economic growth, leading to employment opportunities for citizens.

  • Pay attention to up lifting ideas and visions while focusing on the necessary mundane details that make up every business.

  • Find that a business is a reflection of its founder.

  • Discuss the many paradoxes that arise and surround money and business.

  • Develop- a business plan using a “Window Pane”, which describes the 9 P’s of starting a business.

  • Have an opportunity to clear complicated issues around money and business.

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