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Module 12
VISION 20/20 

Module XII shows that space clearing is about transformation. It will inspire you to look at your home and yourself in a whole new light. Let’s face it, in this fast-paced modern world, beauty, truth and nature are challenged everyday by the constant assault of the

daily news, ethnic clashes, increasing pollution and degenerating health. How can we push the re-set button?

Our home is a metaphor for our life, rich or poor, and can hold the secrets we need to transform our lives. Our homes are a reflection of ourselves. Our homes tell a story about how we feel about ourselves and the world around us. Creativity is a magnificent expression of our true self. Learn techniques to transform your home, so that it enriches, nourishes and energizes your life.

Marie Kondo’s “Spark Joy” has revolutionized homes, and lives across the world. First, we create emptiness; When there is empty space in our minds creativity fills it up. When we clear space, de-clutter our homes, a hidden jewel is revealed. The space in which we live are both external and internal. Cleanse the energies in your home, to enhance and intensify the energy so your home becomes a ray of hope and light, in the shifting times of change.


Benefits of this workshop:

  • Learn the life changing magic of de-cluttering

  • Achieve your goals for the year ahead (and beyond)

  • Banish anxieties, attract love and turn your home into a place of renewal and happiness

  • Receive a manual and space clearing kit

  • Meet new friends and have fun planning your new life

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