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Module 2

Module II provides practical and concrete strategies & techniques to assist with necessary changes for a fulfilling life.

Helps changing learned behaviour and assists in progressing toward self-sufficiency.

If Module 1 can be seen as a problem solving process of clarification and goal setting, then Module 2 can be seen as a process of goal confirmation, intervention and evaluation with the strongest emphasis on intervention. These interventions focus on providing counsellors with practical and concrete alternatives to help individuals bring about the change needed to achieve their goals.

You will learn:

  • Some specific counselling strategies or combinations of strategies to help individuals make difficult decisions or change learned behaviours

  • A model or a mental map which helps clients take positive action toward achieving their goals

  • Interventions and strategies that are precisely tailored to the individual's goals as they progress toward self-sufficiency


You should attend if you:

  • Are interested in adding new interventions and strategies to your counselling tool kit

  • Are seeking to develop and improve your existing career counselling knowledge and skills

  • If you want to add creative techniques and methods to help individuals move and advance in their careers

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