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Module 4

Module IV aims at finding personally fulfilling work. Career success based on awareness, bioblogs, career brands, employers,

hidden job market, informative interviews, opportunities, portfolios, research trends and resumes.

As a job coach you are in a unique position to affect change in the lives of those citizens you serve and on the economic life of your community. Many of you have years of experience, with incredible depth and breadth of understanding when it comes to the business of finding jobs. My hope is that this session will enhance and update what you already know; as well as provide time for reflection and reinforcement. For others, your counsellor’s toolkit will get packed with strategies and techniques to increase your effectiveness as a job coach.

Module 4 covers the critical elements of career planning, aimed at finding work what will be personally fulfilling, both for yourself and your clients/citizens. SPIN straw into gold. (A metaphor for creative job searching):

S - Career success begins with Self-awareness
P - Package yourself, resumes, career brands, portfolios, bioblogs
I  - Investigate and obtain Information on trends, opportunities and problems in the labour market
N - Prove you can respond to the Needs of a prospective employer, interviews

A better job means a better life. You will also learn the proper application of the following assessment tools:

  1. 20 Questions - Informal

  2. Values Cards Assortment - Informal

  3. Significant Others Questionnaire - Informal

  4. Success Stories - Informal

  5. Holland Codes or Self-Directed Search - Formal

  6. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) - Personality

  7. The Enneagram - Personality

  8. Career Occupational Preference Survey (COPS) - Interests 

  9. Career Orientation Placement & Evaluation Survey (COPES) - Values

  10. The Career Exploration Inventory (CEI) - A guide for exploring work, leisure, and learning

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