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Module 5

Module V shows that there is 11 times higher success rate than traditional methods of job search. Support from trained

leader and other group members. Intensive behavioural therapy techniques.

Turn on the television and we hear that unemployment is reaching double digit numbers as the economy slides further into a recession, which some are starting to call a depression. Now, perhaps more than ever, Employment Counsellors who are in a unique position to affect real change in the lives of those we serve and in the economic life of your business community need training to set up and run Job Finding Clubs (according to Nathan Azrin's method).

What makes J.F.C's so outstanding and successful compared to other job search methods? First of all they work. Richard Bolles, (author of "What Color Is Your Parachute?") has complied research that states: "Out of every 100 people who use J.F.C's to find work, 84 will find a job, which is 11 times higher than just sending out resumes on your own."  - That’s an 84% success rate. Secondly, a job search can be frightening and depressing, many feel isolated and hopeless, in a J.F.C participants are provided with support and guidance from a trained group leader, but perhaps even more importantly from other group members attending the session. Thirdly, this is an intensive three-week approach, which at the heart of this program, uses behavioural therapy techniques and demands that each participant make ten contacts per day to uncover "Hidden Jobs."

The world is going through a profound change. Work has also shifted dramatically; it is inevitable that the way we find jobs has changed as well. Surprisingly, the Internet, although a great tool - has not proven to be a magic wand. It has not changed the essential nature of job-hunting, which is that to be successful, one must ultimately meet face to face with the employer.

This is all about creating new opportunities for our unemployed citizens. Rather than approaching employers to ask for something, we approach employers with something to offer, an ongoing partnership characterized by an equal exchange of resources and opportunities. This provides details about activities and procedures designed to achieve the single, overriding objective of the Job Finding Club: to help the job seeker find a job of the highest feasible quality within the shortest feasible time period.

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