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Module 9

Module IX is designed for professionals providing education and training related to counselling/human service interventions to

meet community needs. The goal is to demonstrate these basic communication skills and increase awareness of their own

behaviours and prejudices.

The aim of the Communications Skills Training is to give participants a basic understanding of counselling and the skills required. At the completion of the course, participant's listening and responding skills will become more effective and their interpersonal communications and interpersonal relationships will improve.

Participants will also be able to demonstrate these basic skills and become aware of their own behaviours and prejudices. Do you:

  • Demonstrate respect to your client (discussing confidentiality, non-judgmental attitude, genuineness, treating your client as a unique and capable person, etc.)?

  • Encourage your client to actively participate in the assessment process, to enumerate resources and strengths, to take responsibility for the plan of action, etc.

  • Demonstrate empathy for your client (demonstrate active listening through use of paraphrasing, reflection of feeling, communicating, understanding of your client's world, etc.)?

  • Model concreteness and encourage your client to be concrete, particularly in the clarification process?

  • Use reflection or paraphrasing throughout the interview to clarify the content of what your client is saying and demonstrate active listening?

  • Reflect your client's feelings (both explicit and implicit); help your client to explore the feelings around the employability difficulty?

  • Use open and closed questions appropriately to enable your client to tell their story and be specific?

  • Use summary statements throughout the process to show movement and to revise the constraint statement?

  • Facilitate the assessment process rather than direct it?

  • Involve your client's commitment through what contracts (statement of purpose, contingency validation) and encouragement?

  • Genuinely demonstrate commitment to working with your client?

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