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From past participants


"I really appreciate having a system to structure problem solving discussions. The program created a really good opportunity for team building while we worked together."

Alastair Macfadden
Advanced Education

Employment and Learning

"Very enjoyable and I gained a lot of positive reinforcement through materials, participants and instructor. Hidden jobs concept. Moving beyond the resume. Assessment tools, Value Cards Sort, Holland Codes, MBTI, Enneagram. Time well spent."

Joan Bellegarde
File Hills Employment and Training Centre

"Denise is highly professional and encompasses extensive information within her groups. The information provided in handouts is well organized and highly useful. Denise's style of presentation is comfortable and inclusive."

Blanche Cassidy
Saskatchewan's Offender Employment Programs Adult Correction

"You show real compassion for your work and
it rolls over to your students!! I came to
develop my skills as a career counsellor an
I realized how to develop myself; turnin
me into a counsellor who learns with the
client to guide them."

Lavinia Crisby
(Cornerbrook, NL)
Canadian Paraplegic Association

"I gained valuable information and insight into employment counselling. It was
down-to-earth, easy to understand and follow. I learned so much from my fellow participants as well. Awesome! So knowledgeable.
A superb facilitator."

Margaret Fuchs
Southeast Regional College

" Your teaching skills look so effortless and are so effective. You are a good role model. I can and will use this model in everyday life as well as at work. The model makes me feel safe as a facilitator and confident that I will cover what my participants need. Sending them away with important skills & tools”

Marilyn Bundschuh
(Meadow Lake, SK)
Partners for Success

"I hate to say but it is really beneficial to "older" staff like myself, who subconsciously might be using methods from the industrial revolution. I found the training very beneficial. It tied many of the previous trainings that I attended into a system that can be used within and in support of the PDP and PLP but would make those activities more meaningful. The binder is a wonderful resource. In a time of heavy workloads with little time for reading the latest professional journals the trainer provided information on recent publications which will save my time. I have compiled a list of texts that I will be reading in the next few months. Her approach is fresh and empowering. She showed a lot of respect for the group. We felt "safe". The system she presented would be even more effective if employees all understood and were on the same page."

Gary Hysuik


Health Canada

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