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Welcome to Dragon 9 Training

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Dragon 9 Training believes that both the art & science behind career counselling contributes to the prosperity of the individual and of Canada.

Career Counselling assists people to develop:

     - Positive sense of themselves and their career futures

     - Better understanding of their own talents (boost confidence)

     - Develop occupational goals along with the motivation to achieve them

     - Acquire coping skills in the face of adversity

     - Understand their strengths/weaknesses

     - Expand their problem-solving attitude

     - Provide helpful support; with better understanding of client needs

     - Explore the most effective strategies for assisting to find satisfying, meaningful, and         

         productive work

These outcomes result in people taking themselves, their futures (their clients’ futures),

and their continuing education more seriously and more positively, thereby moving

to meaningful and lasting employment.

"Sometimes our light goes out but is blown again into

flame by an encounter with another human being.

Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who

have rekindled this inner light"

-Albert Schweitzer  

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Dragon 9 Training

In mythology dragons represent good fortune, protection and opportunities. They are also shown as benevolent and knowledgeable creatures. Furthermore, fire dragons represent people who are extremely ambitious, wise and always motivated to succeed.  The number 9 symbolizes possibilities, 9 is the number of magic, it is the number for completion and fulfillment, 9 also represents wisdom and good leadership. For these reasons, we decided to go with the name Dragon 9 Training. Our mission, "Fanning the Flame", is to equip career practitioners with the skills and knowledge they need to uplift, inspire and motivate clients to discover, pursue and act to realize their dreams.

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"You show real compassion for your work and it rolls over to your students!! I came to develop my skills as a career counsellor and I realized how to develop myself; turning me into a counsellor who learns with the client to guide them."

  • Lavinia Crisby (Cornerbrook, NL) - Canadian Paraplegic Association

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