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Module 3

Module III increases individual's and organization's productivity, enhances group motivation, commitment and confidence.

Provides ideal climate for radical change(s) & optimizes group dynamics. Training for trainers.

Module 3 was developed to help counsellors/staff lead groups and deal with group interactions more effectively. This course is not on group presentation and content, but rather on leadership and group interaction. Much of the learning in Modules I and II will be directly transferable to work with groups.

You will learn:

  • The benefits and disadvantages of group services

  • Member needs and roles, group stages, facilitation styles, and group communication skills

  • To use the excitement that group work will open up as a way to offer members an efficient and secure environment in which to make important decisions and to master skills required to function in this world

  • To demonstrate group communications skills and receive feedback to enhance their growth and professional development


You should attend if you:

  • Are looking for practical and proven facilitation techniques that will enhance success with all types of groups including meetings, workshops, and community events

  • Need to know what effective facilitators do and how they do it

  • Want to make your job more rewarding and meaningful by enriching and improving the quality and quantity of services

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