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Module 7

Module VII is designed for professional and personal development of leaders. Allows better understanding of their own potential as well as others. Aims at improvement of creativity, communication, problem analysis, delegation, time management.

The purpose:  To understand the key concepts and purposes of Modules I, II and III and to be in a better position to support career counsellors. *Note: The same benefits as listed for Prime Time apply to this workshop; however this session is more targeted to the career counselling services.

In a time when government is concerned with results in terms of investing in clients, it seems logical when staff training investments are made, that we look for results in achieving the desired learning objectives and transfer of skills to the job. Is it any wonder that we want to see tangible results when thousands of dollars are spent annually on staff training?

What's in it for employees and staff?

  • Moves your career goals forward and enhances your employability and career development (provides good tracking for future career aspirations)

  • Improves work satisfaction through ongoing positive and constructive feedback

  • Broadens your skill base and identifies real training needs

  • Greater awareness of specific areas, which require improvements, and establishment of a supportive action plan to effect required changes. Feel proud of your contribution and service

  • Provide input into own work plan and province wide assessment of human resources engendering heightened commitment to achieve shared objectives

  • Clarifies employee's expectations

  • Provides opportunity to negotiate and question how job fits into the unit in relation to contributions of other team members

  • Concrete testimony of the contribution towards achieving the unit's objectives


Benefits to Managers/Supervisors:

  • Clearer understanding of who is doing what, therefore better use of human resources and better able to forecast and plan

  • Can plan resource or budget approvals for staff development

  • Model career management

  • Provides relevant, factual data on which to assess employees fairly and equitably

  • An opportunity to get to know employees better

  • Takes employee demographics into consideration

  • Succession plans for when baby boomers retire

  • Incorporate HR planning into business planning processes, and the development of unit, district and regional priorities


Benefits to Your Organization:

  • Multi-skilled, flexible workforce

  • Supports business and technological change

  • Integrates staff and organizational goals

  • Identify the employee competencies needed to develop as we modernize services

  • Match employees and competencies as new initiatives come our way

  • Achieve provincial and district priorities and deliver on business plans

  • Ensuring employees have an opportunity to direct the course of their own careers

  • By identifying and addressing early training and other work related problems we can ensure our people are better qualified and therefore of more value to the organization


Since evaluation costs amount to a mere fraction of the cost of training, evaluation is a good learning investment. We also know that encouragement and support:

  1. Helps ensure staff will assess themselves against Canadian standards and guidelines for career development practitioners as per from the Canadian Career Development Foundation

  2. Strengthens core competencies: the knowledge, skills and attitudes all career practitioners need in order to deliver effective and ethical service. Professional Behaviour (Code of Ethics, Ethical Decision-Making, Commitment to Professional Development, Analytical Skills and Work Management).  Interpersonal Competencies (Respecting Diversity, Effective Communication, Productive Interactions with Clients). Career Development Knowledge. Needs Assessment & Referral

  3. Of learning is critical in order to determine whether knowledge and skill competencies are learned and transferred to the job

  4. Exercises can verify that identified learning needs have been met and thus provide a measure of accountability

  5. Helps to indicate the effectiveness of learning activities

  6. Of learning is consistent with recommendations from audit reviews

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