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T.B.W’s at Dragon 9 Training can provide a workshop designed to build a stronger team, resolve team conflicts and assist organizations in planning for and adapting to a continually changing future.

The daily pressures and demands in the workplace can cause employees to become demoralized, defensive and stuck. Interpersonal conflicts arise and the ripple effect can be felt through the entire organization. If unchecked, time and energy can be used to create toxic work environments, rather than healthy team dynamics.

Our Dragon 9 Training Team Building Workshops are interactive, fun and practical - We provide the tools to help keep the spirit of teamwork alive and healthy in your workplace!

Contact us to schedule a fun & effective team building seminar for your team(s)! Depending on your needs and current situation, your workshop may include:

  • Team building activities

  • Facilitated group discussions

  • Working together to align individual values & strengths with corporate mandates

  • Personality assessments (Myers Briggs Enneagram) to gain a deeper understanding of different types and how these can affect productivity

  • Experience how group decisions (synergy) are better than individual decisions

  • Create agreements among the team member, to improve collaborative relationships

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